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Mastermind Dapp Demo:
A proof of concept using ZK-Snark and Hydra


With the emergence of zero-knowledge proofs as a new field of innovation in the industry, there is an opportunity to bring these advancements to the Cardano ecosystem. However, achieving this requires the implementation of key pieces of technology tailored specifically for Cardano, this imply the technical challenge of working around the resource limitations of the network while maintaining the block propagation smooth. Our project aims to provide a solution to this technical problem through a proof of concept that implements a verifier contract for the Groth 16 protocol, leveraging the Hydra protocol for computationally demanding transactions to overcome the resource threshold. The result of this work is a dapp that adapts the Mastermind game, which serves as an ideal test case for ZK proofs.


Zero-Knowledge Proofs

We utilize this new technology to generate verifiable secret proofs, unlocking novel applications and use cases within the realms of privacy and scalability.

Hydra protocol

We harness the power of the Hydra protocol for affordable and high-performance transactions. Considering the isomphomorfic property of the sidechain eventually in the future our ZK validators could be redeployed seamlessly on the mainnet.

This project opens the possibility of bringing new innovations in the field of Zero Knowledge Proofs, and the opportunity to leverage the state of the art ZK tooling to the Cardano ecosystem. Checkout the litepaper:



As a team, our mission is to use our technology expertise to serve emerging projects in Cardano, aiming to be catalysts of innovation in the industry.

Antonio Hernández

Haskell developer and mathematician with experience in both Plutus development and Mathematics research.

Juan Salvador Magán

Full stack Web 3 developer and CIP-0093 creator focused on bringing adoption to Cardano

Agustín Salinas

Plutus smart contract developer and technical writer with a background in Logic and Philosophy.